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OSRS Combat Guide For Beginners

Sep 26

The combat in Old School RuneScape is simple yet unique from most other MMORPGs. It doesn’t involve button mashing, but rather clicking and having your character automatically do the fighting. Mastering its intricacies can be a daunting task but can be very rewarding with tons of OSRS gold up for grabs - thankfully we've got this handy with this OSRS Combat Guide to help you level up this skill with ease!

What You Need To Know About OSRS Combat

The combat system of Runescape to OSRS is much more dynamic. For starters, players are no longer locked into 3-hit rounds and can freely run or kite monsters with different speeds for various weapons types! One’s weapon speed also varies from classic where they all have the same pace in movements.

The majority of the content in-game is based on combat. In fact, virtually all players are engaged with either PvM or PvP battles at some point throughout their experience as it's quite easy to grasp once you understand how things work for this type of game.

OSRS Melee Combat

Some may argue that OSRS is centered on melee since it is the main factor in calculating your combat level. Considering that there are three skills involved (Attacks, Strength, and Defence), it is a bit more complex and dynamic than other forms of combat.

The attack is used to calculate the accuracy you have against an enemy and does not affect your maximum hit. Attack also plays a role in upgrading weapons, which will determine how much damage you can deal.

The ideal skill to train is strength since it determines your max hit. To get up in level as quickly and efficiently as possible you can wield a weapon that has the best attack bonus while training only with this stat until it reaches level 99.

For weapons, it all comes down to speed and power. The faster weapons (daggers or scimitars) you're are best for mid-level strength training, while the slower ones like Abyssal Whips are better suited towards high level monsters.

Shields are some of the most important equipment in any player's inventory. Alongside 1-handed weapons, shields can give you additional strength bonuses that help tank damage during instances or when facing high-level foes such as OSRS bosses.

A good Defence level will make you resistant to damage, just like wearing high-level armors. Your defense level will harden you against Melee, Range, or Magic—to a certain extent; this protects your character by lowering their incoming damage so they can survive in battle longer without getting knocked out!