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Mar 12

Do you have to distribute V notches evenly across a row? It is necessary to use a V notching spreader. This handy tool will make it simple and fast. In this blog we'll look at the various types of V notch spreading tools on the market, as well as how to use these tools. We'll also give suggestions to help you select the most effective V-notch spreading tool. EcoPoxy's 4-in-1 V-notched Spreader is designed to make it easy to spread epoxy over huge flat surfaces. Three different options for spreading and the flat side make this tool perfect for cleaning or scraping.

How to Use Vnotch spreading tool

The initial step in your V notch spreading project is to choose the best tool. There are a few different V notch spreading tools available on the market, therefore it's essential to pick the one that is most suitable to meet your requirements. If you're working with a large area to cover, then you'll need a spreader with a wide. If you're working with a smaller area or you require greater control over the distribution of epoxy, you might want to choose a tool with a smaller spreader head.

After selecting the appropriate V-notch spreading tool It's time to start. This is a brief overview of how you can use this kind of tool.

- In the beginning, apply a large amount of epoxy to the V-notch.

Then, place the spreader's head on the top of the V-notch and then apply pressure to distribute the epoxy in a uniform way.

- Spread the epoxy on a continuous basis until it reaches the thickness you want.

Final step take a putty knife to get rid of any epoxy.

By following these steps it is possible to easily and quickly spread epoxy with an av-notch spreader. Why wait? Start your next project right now!

This tool is also available with an additional bonus

Epoxy is a flexible material which can be utilized in a myriad of ways. From coating to bonding and everything between. There are numerous tools for spreading epoxy. V-notch spreaders are among the most commonly used.

This 3/16" notched side is ideal for those who desire a shiny, rich, and glossy look that works on all surfaces. It's designed to apply between 50 and 60 sqft/gal (15sq ft/L) and provide a stunning result!

This versatile tool also has two sides that can be used to make various types of coats. The 1/4 " notches are perfect to spread heavy coats. The 1/8 " notches are perfect for seal coats that are less thick.

Benefits of using a spreader tool with a notch

It even spreads epoxy on most surfaces

- Simple to use and easy to clean

Durable plastic construction

Get yours today and experience the difference yourself! You'll never regret this helpful instrument.


A must-have tool for using epoxy is the V-notch spreading tool. It is fast and simple to spread epoxy evenly across the majority of surfaces. It's also easy to clean. Take advantage of it today and experience the benefits! This tool will prove to be a great investment. Thank you for reading! Thank you for reading! Notch Spreading Tools al (15sq.ft/L).

- Perfect for Spread EpoxyEvenly

- Easy to Use

Cleansing can be done without difficulty

Durable plastic construction

The V Notch Spreading Tool is perfect for those who are trying to get an uniform distribution of epoxy on their project surface.

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