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How to Avoid being duped when buying a diamond engagement ring

Nov 5


It can be hard to purchase diamonds, particularly when you don't have a well-planned search. The high prices are normal because they are costly, but that does not necessarily mean that it's genuine.

The internet has become a hub for those who want to buy diamonds. But there are so many sites to choose from, which one should you choose?

In order to be aware of the authenticity of each site and also what their policy on returning or exchanging goods might be like it's important first to consider whether they provide engagement rings in your budget range!

This will enable you to know the signs to look out for when you are choosing an engagement ring with diamonds. We don't want to be scammed So, follow these rules:

  • Have a look at the situation

Examining the ring's setting is an excellent method of determining if you have a high-quality product. The majority of diamond rings are made by hand and the settings are notoriously challenging to master. A ring of poor quality almost always contains a low quality diamond. Also, consider the metals that are used. A skilled jeweler shouldn't set the diamond within a metal setting. Genuine diamonds should only be set in gold or silver.


  • Request a certificate.

Certifications attesting the authenticity of real diamonds are included when you purchase. The Gemological Institute of America is an organization in the United States that deals specifically with this. The certification assures you that the diamond came from a reputable mine , and also identifies the date it was mined. This certification is one of the ways we can make the mining industry more ethical.

  • Think about the Clarity

The greater the clarity of the diamond the better value it is. The clarity of a diamond relates to the clarity as well as the flaws that it is able to show. Diamonds with inclusions tend to be yellow in hue and so have less value. The most valuable diamond is one that is colorless and flawless in clarity.

  • Contact us to inquire about Carats

When you are buying a diamond, the last thing you need to know is the weight. The higher the value of diamonds more expensive, the heavier and larger it is. When talking about diamonds, one carat equals 0.2 grams of the gem. The value of the stone will rise in the case of a carat that is extremely high.

  • Choose a Reputable Diamond Merchant

Scam artists are in the market trying to con you. Beware of scam artists. Instead, locate an honest local jeweler. Wholesale Diamonds is the best place to go if you are an Houston diamond buyer.

In the case of diamonds in particular the price is dependent on the "four C's" cut ( round or princess), carat weight (1/3 to 3/.5 ounces) color(s) clarity grade. There are around 20% more dealers for each additional AGW of any kind. This will give you an idea of how hard it will be to shop around prior to making your purchase choice. When purchasing colored gems like rubies, their brilliance is what makes them more expensive than other stones, as it gives them a certain appeal and value that pleases many buyers' eyes even if they're experienced with terms used in jewelry.

A professional diamond seller can provide all information regarding the diamond in the engagement rings you've chosen. Additionally, they can provide you with all the information you should know about the carat, as well as the various shapes. A qualified professional can help to make the best decision in case you're still unsure.

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